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Special Pack - Yogi Tea Peaceful Nights

Sleep | Relax | Soothing

Special Pack – Yogi Tea Peaceful Nights

The Special Pack – Yogi Tea Peaceful Nights is your greatest natural ally in the fight against insomnia. Enjoy this combination and get rid of sleepless nights. This set consists of the following YOGI TEA®s:

Yogi Tea Bedtime Organic – 17 Bags

A good day begins the evening before. Especially when we experience it in a state of soothing spiritual balance with a fragrant cup of YOGI TEA® Bedtime. Lavender and valerian root envelop us in warmth, while the flavour of fragrant herbs such as mint and sage bring us calm.

The tea for everyone who wants to gently round off their day.

One of its main ingredients:

Valerian Root: The garden valerian belongs to the honeysuckle family and grows primarily on the shore and edges of the forests in Europe, Western Asia, the Far East and Siberia. Its delicate-fragrant flowers taste pleasantly aromatic and are bursting with valuable essential oils.

Ingredients: Fennel, chamomile flowers, peppermint, cardamom, lemon balm, lemongrass, valerian root, sage, lavender flowers, nutmeg.

Yogi Tea Relax Organic – 17 Bags

A cup of YOGI TEA Relax is like a haven of peace in tumultuous times. The enticing aroma of Chamomile and Liden flowers is already enough to exude serenity. In combination with fruity rosehip, the waves are calmed. You can once more take the helm with complete tranquillity.

The tea for everyone seeking the power of tranquillity. 

One of its main ingredients:

Rose Hips – A member of the rose family, the rosehip has bright red fruit that contains many little nutlets. It thrives in the wild throughout all of Europe and Asia, preferable in a site with direct sunshine. Depending on when they are harvested, the taste of rosehips ranges from sourish-tart to slightly sweetish.

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, fennel, linden flowers, cardamom, barley malt, hibiscus, liquorice, alfalfa, raspberry leaves, orange peel, rose hips, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, black pepper.

Consumption suggestions: The Special Pack – Yogi Tea Peaceful Nights is ideally consumed at night. Simply place a sachet of each tea (Yogi Tea Bedtime Organic and Yogi Tea Relax Organic) in a cup between 300 to 400ml with boiled water or heat in the microwave (50 seconds at 1000W).

Note: with this special pack, you enjoy a cumulative discount, making all products cheaper than those purchased separately.

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Great Yogi Tea Peaceful Nights

Perfect tea for a perfect nights :o)

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