Chás do Mundo ®

Marca Nacional Registada Nº 427547

Best Online Specialty Tea Marketplace 2018

A Somantis, Unip. Lda. Is a company founded in 2005 and it acts mainly in the food business with import and export of teas, medicinal plants, accessories, hot chocolate, spices and various biological products. Teas of the World ® is a registered trademark that distributes teas and accessories wholesale, where it presents a wide range of high quality teas with more than 2000 varieties available, from the pure or mixed teas, among which the green teas, white teas, black teas, red teas, oolong teas, rooibos, medicinal plants, plain or mixed herbal teas, fruit blends, teas in plain or organic and fair trade sachets.

As a vote of confidence and quality in the international markets, our company was granted official representations of 4 major international brands specializing in teas, accessories and spices for all Portuguese, PALOP and Brazil brands.

Chás do Mundo ® - Trade, Import and Export of Teas, Medicinal Plants, Spices and Accessories.


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