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ExquisiTea - Premium Yellow Tea with 2g

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Yellow Tea | Creano | Exquisitea

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ExquisiTea - Premium Yellow Tea with 2g

Have a look at our Yellow Tea leaves in their purest state, these leaves have been hand-picked and tied with only one strand of the cotton, so that you can enjoy all the flavour, aroma and properties, without the large handle.

It is presented in bags of 1 each, with 2grs each in individually packed.

Ingredients: 100% Yellow Tea leafs (Camellia sinensis).

In the course of drying is much slower than that of any other type of tea, it retains all the properties of its leaves, making it extremely rich in anti-oxidants and is often used in regimens for weight-loss. The tea is yellow, it can be even more potent than green tea! With origins in china and the tea is yellow, it is still a novelty in Europe, but its powers are great, and the results were very positive.

The tea is yellow, it is removed from the flat, the Camellia sinensis, the same plant that gave rise to the tea is green, white and red. What has changed is the time of the harvest and the fermentation, its color, and its flavor, which is a huge differs by being much more gentle than the green tea.

The tea is yellow, it has large amounts of gallic acid, which is a very good friend of the liver, protecting it from the many toxins that are harmful to the proper operation, thus avoiding some of the possible health-related problems. It is also rich in polyphenols and catechins, which are responsible for maintaining the health of the cells. This point, due to the fact that the time for the fermentation to be slower and slower, which results in a higher amount of polyphenols. It contains many anti-oxidants, fight free radicals and also aids in the prevention of many diseases.

The number of infusions: 1 to 3 times with the same leaves.

Infusion time: 6 - 8 minutes.

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Enjoy it

Enjoy this way of drinking tea (as per the video demonstration), visual attraction, fun and wonderful yellow tea tasting.

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Chá extremamente delicioso e suave com um cheiro muito agradável. \r\nEncomenda muito bem embalada.

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