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Pai Mu Tan | Fujian China Tea | Slim Tea

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White Tea Pai Mu Tan

Ingredients: 100% White Tea (Camellia sinensis).

Pai Mu Tan is the most famous of white teas, with large straight leaves and white hair buttons where the highest percentages of catechins are concentrated (phytonutrient with excellent anti-oxidant properties)

It is a delicious tea, a spicy drink and a very floral aromas.

Properties: Accelerator of metabolism, diuretic, detoxifying and favors weight loss. Several researches have shown that white tea has the same properties as green tea although, in the case of white tea, the concentration of catechins (natural anti-oxidant) is much higher than in green tea. In addition, white tea has a milder taste than green tea.

Curiosities: White Tea and Green Tea are extracted from the plant Camellia sinensis. The leaves of white tea are the youngest leaves of the plant. This type of tea is the least oxidized. Father Mu Tan Means White Peony

* Recommended temperature: 60-80º (when the first small bubbles of air appear in the water).
Infusion time: 1 - 3 minutes.
* Recommended amount: 1 teaspoon per person. Approx. 2 grs / cup.

* Indicative values ​​may vary according to personal taste.

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sabor suave

Chá de suprema qualidade, sabor agradável e suave!

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Chá Branco Pai Mu Tan

Chá Branco de elevada qualidade, com sabor muito suave e levemente doce. Recomendado para quer gostar realmente de um excelente chá com baixo teor em cafeina e niveis de antioxidantes elevados aliado a um sabor impar. 5 Estrelas

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