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Bancha Japanese Green Tea


Alkalizing tea | Macrobiotics

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Bancha Japanese Green Tea

Ingredients: 100% Bancha japanese green Tea.

Origin: Japan - Kagoshima

Picking: 1st picking

Shading: Half-shade (7-10 days)

Steaming: Fukamushi - deep steamed

Kabuse Bancha is a green tea speciality made from the pruning of the tea plants after the main harvest, usually after the last harvest in summer or autumn. However, our Bancha is harvested in spring and processed as carefully as only Sencha or Kabusecha is usually processed. In spring, the leaves contain particularly high levels of theanine, which gives this unusual Bancha a particularly mild, harmonious aroma. It is light green in the cup and an ideal family and beginners green tea. In Japan Bancha is often served in restaurants.

Kabusecha is a green tea for which the tea plants are shaded, thus forming a high content of chlorophyll and other active ingredients and at the same time little bitter substances. Their characteristic "shade aroma" is called "ooika".

Storage: In order to preserve the precious flavours and ingredients of the tea as best as possible, we recommend to seal the bag well and store it cool and dark - ideally in your refrigerator or freezer. 

The main difference in the green tea and Bancha is the taste, which is different because of the process of production of the tea: while green tea is made with leaves more young people from the Camellia Sinensis, the Bancha is made from the leaves that have remained for a minimum of three years laid down in the foot. Because of this greater amount of time on foot, the old leaves used in the Bancha, acquire medicinal properties that alkalinize the blood and increase the number of mineral salts in its composition.

Properties: The Bancha is rich in flavonoids, this means that combat premature ageing of the organs and all the cells of the body. Those who suffer from the oiliness of the skin should take this tea on a regular basis. This is a great natural treatment for the problem. The immune system is benefited with the consumption of Bancha, which also helps to decrease rates of bad cholesterol and prevent some types of cancer, thanks to the huge amount of bioflavonoids and catechins, substances that prevent the change of the cells, preventing the emergence of tumours.

Thanks to Tannin, a substance that is found in tea and has properties that are astringent, those who drink the tea on a daily basis will notice a decrease in the oiliness of the skin. Has the same slimming properties has green tea and speeds up the metabolism. It has the power diuretic, so it reduces fluid retention.

Water temperature: 70 to 80ºc

Infusion time: 2 - 3 minutes.

Recommended dosage: 1 "Teaspoon" per cup or 1 "Teaspoon" per Litre.

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