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White Dried figs


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White Dried figs

White dried figs are an excellent source of fibre, iron, potassium, calcium, and magnesium. Use them to treat constipation and to strengthen the immune system to prevent anaemia.

It has enzymes that help break down proteins during digestion.

Ingredients: 100% White dried figs (Pajarero), honey fig.

What are Dried White Fig good for

White dried fig is a natural laxative par excellence that helps regulate intestinal flora and is commonly consumed to treat constipation. This action will favour the reduction of fluid retention and thus eliminate abdominal swelling. Because it is rich in fibre, the white fig helps to prolong satiety and is an exceptional ally for weight loss. In addition, you can consume it to control diabetes and blood pressure, even as to keep your bones healthy. It also acts to relax the blood vessels and improve blood circulation.

White dried figs contain less water and are more concentrated in calories, sugar and essential nutrients.

Other indications: osteoporosis, flu, and allergic rhinitis.


The fig (Ficus carica) is native to Asia and the Middle East. Currently, there are about 750 types of fig trees spread around the world. According to records in the Holy Bible, the Fig Tree is thought to have been one of the first fruit trees cultivated by man.

Uses: use dried figs as a sweetener in dessert preparation and granola with dried fruits.

Suggestion for breakfast: put a few pieces of chopped dried figs and mix them with oat flakes in yoghurt or milk.

Recommended quantity: 3 to 5 figs a day.

Note: For the body to absorb the iron (an essential nutrient) it contains more efficiently, it is advisable to eat figs with citrus fruit.

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