Picão Preto Herbal Tea (Bidens pilosa L.)

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Hepatoprotector ✓ Healing ✓ gastric Ulcers ✓

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Picão Preto Herbal Tea

Ingredients: 100% Picão Preto Herbal Tea (Bidens pilosa L.).

The Picão Preto Herbal Tea (Bidens pilosa L.) is a medicinal plant that has its effect recognised by ANVISA, Brazil.

It is a plant species of the Asteraceae family and considered a weed in some habitats tropical. However, some parts of the world are used as food. The Ministry of Health of Brazil announced that may be certified as having medicinal properties, and its traditional use most common as hepatic protector helps to heal ulcers gastric.

Hepatoprotector ✓

Healing ✓

Gastric ulcers ✓

Mode of preparation: 4g of the plant to 300ml of water just to a boil. Leave in infusion for 5 to 7 minutes.

Recommended Dose: 3 to 4 cups per day.

Warnings: Should not be consumed by pregnant women and infants.

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Chá de Picão Preto

Adquiri o chá de picão preto há cerca de três semanas e tenho vindo a tomá-lo 2 vezes por dia, de manhã e ao final da tarde.
O meu aparelho digestivo /gastrointestinal em geral, e o fígado em particular, apresentam melhorias significativas, de tal modo que há anos que não me sentia assim tão bem.
Recomendo vivamente. É um excelente desintoxicante do corpo, nomeadamente de todo o parelho digestivo.

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