Pata de Vaca - Bauhinia forficata

Pata de Vaca (Bauhinia forficata)


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Pata de Vaca Tea

Get to know our Pata de Vaca Tea with therapeutic properties that may contribute to your cardiovascular, urinary and renal well-being. Enjoy its diuretic potential and share your experience!

Ingredients: 100% Pata de Vaca (Cow Paw), leaves (Bauhinia forficata).

Taste: Bitter, astringent.


Cow Paw – Scientifically named “Bauhinia forficata”, the Cow Paw is an ornamental tree commonly used in landscaping decoration in urban areas. The term “Pata de Vaca” is associated with the “v” shape of its leaves, which resemble the shape of the feet of cows and oxen (animals). The Cow Paw belongs to the genus “Bauhinia” named after the botanist brothers Jean Bauhin and Gaspard Bauhin. There are 300 species of this genus, of which about 200 are in Brazil in the Atlantic Rainforest.

Some parts of the Cow Paw are used for different purposes. From the use of wood as a source of energy, the leaves, and flowers of this plant are used as food for animals and introduced in the production of natural medications. “Bauhinia forficata” is the only species of this genus that produces white flowers. This species is known for its rounded, fragrant flowers that develop between July and September. During the flowering season, the Pata de Vaca is invaded by hummingbirds and bees. This medium-sized tree is one of the most important species in the regeneration of degraded areas.

Therapeutic indications: urinary infections, diabetes, fluid retention, abdominal swelling, blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid, kidney stones, poor blood circulation, obesity, and cystitis.

Water temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 5 to 10 minutes.

Recommended quantity: 1 dessert spoon of Cow Paw leaves per cup (250 ml). It's recommended daily to consume 2 cups after each main meal.

Preparation: put 1 dessert spoon of Cow Paw leaves in 300 ml of boiling water. Boil this solution for 5 to 10 minutes. Then remove it from the heat and let it cool in a covered container. To make the tea taste more pleasant, add lemon peel or lemon juice during the infusion. For best results, a healthy lifestyle is recommended.

Store in a dry (max. 20º) and cool place (max. 60% humidity).

Warnings: This plant may increase the effect of injectable insulin, causing hypoglycaemia. Do not replace the intake of drugs without consulting your doctor. Cow Paw Tea is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women and children under 12 years old.

NOTE: The images presented were made by our company, however, the cut typology and dimensions of the plant may vary from supply to supply or season to season.

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Delevery very fast.

Hallo. Super prima. I buy from Germany. I got my product only 5 days. Very good service.

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