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Olive Leaf Tea (Olea europaea)


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Olive Leaf Tea

Enjoy the powerful Olive Leaf Tea full of medicinal properties that will help you to reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol. Try it!

Ingredients: 100% Olive Leaves (Olea europaea L.).

Gluten: No

Flavour: Sour


Olive – The olive tree is a mythical tree of the Oleaceae family of slow growth, predominant in Portugal. This tree is known for its religious symbolism and the fact that it has survived for several hundred years. According to historical records, the famous “Olive of Mouchão” is considered the oldest existing in Portugal at about 3350 years. This olive tree has 3 meters in height, and it's located in Cascalhos (Mouriscas, Abrantes). This tree has deep roots that can reach 6 meters, facilitating the absorption of nutrients present in the soil. Olive leaves are pointed and quite resistant to weather changes.

Regarding medicinal properties, olive leaves can promote good digestion and venous relaxation. They may also contribute to the treatment of gastritis and ulcers, even as the reduction of blood glucose.

Other applications: heartburn, weight loss, fever, cough, vaginal infections, intestinal infections, poor circulation, gastritis, and eczema.

Water temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 5 minutes

Recommended quantity: 3 to 5 cups a day, anytime.

Preparation: place 2 tablespoons of olive leaves in a litter (1L) of water in a container. Boil this water for 5 minutes. After this time, remove and keep the container covered until it cools down a bit. And it will be ready to consume. If you prefer to change the flavour of the tea, choose to add some spearmint leaves.

Store in a cool (max. 20º) and dry (max. 60% humidity) place.

Warnings: This tea is not recommended for pregnant women, breastfeeding women and people suffering from low blood pressure (hypotension).

NOTE: The images presented were made in our company, however, the type of cut and dimensions of the plant may vary from supply to supply or time of year.

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