Yogi Tea: the World of Organic Tea Mixes, Yoga and Nutrition

With over 40 years of existence, Yogi Tea is a certified quality brand that combines the best herbs and spices with Ayurveda. In addition to combining organic teas with yoga practice, Yogi Tea supports charitable projects in the countries where it extracts its ingredients. It all started with spicy tea creation, now known as Yogi Tea Classic. A passionate, organic, ethical and healthy brand!

All Yogi Tea products are created around the motto “Feel good. Be good. Do good”. Another Yogi Tea curiosity is that the tea bags are 100% biodegradable.

Give it a chance if Yogi Tea has not yet entered your life. Let yourself be inspired by Yogi Tea, the world of Organic Tea Mixes, Yoga and Nutrition!


Yogi Tea Products

  • Yogi Tea Heartwarming Organic – “The infusion for those who believe in their happiness”;
  • Yogi Tea White Tea with Aloe Vera – Smooth, elegant and delicate – “The tea for everyone seeking their inner glow”;
  • Yogi Tea Green Energy Organic – Fruity, aromatic and vital – “The tea for everyone who enjoys feeling vivacious”;
  • Yogi Tea Choco Organic – Spicy, elegant and delicious – “The tea for everyone who loves chocolate” – Available in 17 tea bags and individual tea packs of 90grs;
  • Yogi Tea Stomach Ease Bio – Spicy and sweet – “The tea for everyone who goes by their gut feeling”;
  • Yogi Tea Alkaline Herbs Organic – Mild and balanced – “The tea for everyone who likes balance”;
  • Yogi Tea Natural Balance Organic – Balanced, spicy and harmonious – “The tea for everyone seeking to be mindful of their inner life”;
  • Yogi Tea Echinacea Organic – Protective and slightly acidic – “The tea for everyone who wants to feel protected”;
  • Yogi Tea Wellbeing Organic – Aromatic, vibrant and pleasant – “The tea for everyone who wants to relax”;
  • Yogi Tea Ginger Orange with Vanilla Organic – Joyful and lively – “The tea for everyone who loves summer”;
  • Yogi Tea Inner Harmony Organic – Gentle, thoughtful and balanced – “The tea for everyone seeking calmness”;
  • Yogi Tea Himalaya Organic – Mysterious and inspiring – “The tea for everyone seeking to expand their horizons” – Available in 17 tea bags and a 90gr single pack;
  • Yogi Tea Maca Chai Organic – Spicy, lively and exciting – “The tea for everyone who wants to discover something new”;
  • Yogi Tea Matcha and Lemon Organic – Refreshing, harmonious and elegant – “The tea for everyone seeking fresh focus”;
  • Yogi Tea Men's Tea Organic – Strong and spicy – “The tea for everyone with the strength of character”;
  • Yogi Tea Relax Organic – Soothing and relaxing – “The tea for everyone seeking the power of tranquillity”;


  • Yogi Tea Breathe Deep Organic – Full and light – “The tea for everyone who wants to breathe deeply”;
  • Yogi Tea Rose Organic – Invigorating, sensual and comforting – “The tea for everyone with passion”;
  • Yogi Tea Bedtime Organic – Warm and homely – “The tea for everyone who wants to gently round off their day”;
  • Yogi Tea Heartwarning Organic – Lively, warm and aromatic – “The tea for everyone who carries a zest for life in their heart”;
  • Yogi Tea Throat Comfort Organic – Soothing, calming and soothing – “The tea for everyone who gets their voice heard”;
  • Yogi Tea Women’s Tea Organic – Vibrant, passionate and beautiful – “The tea for everyone who believes in goodness”;
  • Yogi Tea Black Chai Organic – Sensual, powerful and mysterious – “The tea for everyone who loves the spice of life”;
  • Yogi Tea Choco Mint – “The tea for lovers of chocolate with a touch of freshness”;
  • Yogi Tea Classic Organic – Exotic, warm and inspiring – “The tea with which the Yogi Tea story began” – Available in 17 tea bags and a loose tea pack of 90grs;
  • Yogi Tea Immune Support Organic – Pleasant, fruity and with vitamin C – “The tea for everyone who draws strength from nature”;
  • Yogi Tea Feel Pure Organic – Multifaceted and liberating – “The tea for everyone ready for a fresh start”;
  • Yogi Tea Positive Energie Organic – Passionate, inspiring and vivacious – “The tea for everyone with good intentions”;
  • Yogi Tea Ginger and Hibiskus Organic – “The tea for everyone with good intentions”;
  • Yogi Tea Ginkgo Biloba Organic – “The tea for everyone with clear ideas”;
  • Yogi Tea Licorice Organic – Sweet, harmonious and seductive – “The tea for everyone who likes it sweet”;
  • Yogi Tea Lime Mint Organic – Fresh and fruity – “The tea for everyone who wants to be free”;
  • Yogi Tea Rooibos "African Spice" Organic – Soothing, mild and fascinating – “The tea for everyone who wants to ground themselves”;
  • Yogi Tea Sweet Chai Organic – Velvety and sweet – “The tea for everyone completely in touch with themselves”. 


Yogi Tea Inspiration – teas that warm the heart

  • “A relaxed mind is a creative mind”;
  • “Gratitude is an open door to abundance”;
  • “Happiness comes when you overcome the most impossible challenge”;
  • “There is no love without compassion”;
  • “Work, but don't forget to live”;
  • “Happiness is an art of living, which is within us”;
  • “Spread the light. Be the beacon”;
  • “The purpose of life is to enjoy every moment”;
  • “Compassion creates humans”;
  • “A little impatience destroys the grand plan”;
  • “The one who is in tune with the unknown, the known is peaceful”;
  • “To love is to live for each other”;
  • “Solve one problem, and hundreds of others disappear”;
  • “Love the light, travel light, spread the light, be the light”;
  • “Better to slip with your feet than with your tongue”;
  • “A minute of laughter is equivalent to an hour of life”;
  • “Let your mind dance with your body”;
  • “The door to happiness is self-compassion”;
  • “Peace of mind comes piece by piece”;
  • “Love is an experience of the infinite”;
  • “Silence is a source of great strength”;
  • “Live to share”;
  • “A lover sees a flower differently from a camel”.

Enjoy life with Yogi Tea!

Chás do Mundo

"A Somantis, Unip. Lda é uma empresa fundada em 2005 e que atua no ramo alimentar, com especial incidência na importação e exportação de chás, plantas medicinais, acessórios, especiarias e produtos biológicos diversos. A nossa empresa faz-se representar pela marca "Chás do Mundo ®" que apresenta uma vasta gama de chás de elevada qualidade, onde conta com mais de 2000 variedades disponíveis, entre chás ortodoxos ou blends de diversas tipologias como o chá verde, chá branco, chá preto, chá vermelho, chá oolong, rooibos, plantas medicinais, tisanas, misturas de frutas, chás em saquetas simples, biológicos e de comércio justo."

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