Did you eat too much? Discover our Detox Teas

We have been looking forward to the delicious Christmas cakes and the opening of champagne for a long time. We recognize that the holiday season and New Year's Eve are irresistible. And nothing better than teas and infusions to detoxify the body. Food detoxification involves consciously drinking detoxifying teas and infusions that favour your well-being in the long term.

Detox teas are allies in inflammation treatment, immunity and body hydration. December is known for work dinners, parties with friends and repeated delicious breaks with family. Meanwhile, it's already January, and we want to get back to a healthy routine.

If you eat too much, fight overeating with detox tea. Also, enjoy three detox tips that will help you recover your well-being. Good reading!

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25 Detox Teas

  • Chicory Tea;
  • Black Plum Tea;
  • Matcha;
  • White Tea;
  • Blessed Thistle Tea;
  • Mint Tea;
  • Boldo Tea;
  • Ginger tea;
  • Hibiscus tea;
  • Fennel Tea;
  • Turmeric Root Tea;
  • Elderberry tea;
  • Dandelion Tea;
  • Thyme Tea;
  • Leather Hat Tea;
  • Artichoke Tea;
  • Milk Thistle Tea;
  • Mulungu Tea;
  • Horsetail Tea;
  • Centella Asiatica Tea;
  • Espinheira Santa Tea;
  • Plantain Tea;
  • Chamomile Tea;
  • Rosehip Peels Tea;
  • Rooibos.

2 Detox Tea Suggestions

Do you want to detoxify your body? We have two detox tea suggestions for you!


Blue Tea Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (Clitoria ternatea)

Blue Tea is obtained through the infusion of Clitoria ternatea flowers. The petals of this plant are responsible for the unusual shade of bluish colour and the chromatic change when other ingredients are added to the infusion. In addition to offering a different experience, Blue Tea can contribute to body deflation and weight loss. This natural tea with an earthy flavour contains antioxidant potential that can help with body detoxification. In addition, it is known for its contribution to mental relief and improving the appearance of hair. It is strongly recommended for people who suffer from anxiety or depression.

You will be able to change the colour of Blue Tea to lilac with a few drops of lemon juice or peel. And for bright fuchsia, with the addition of hibiscus petals. The flowers of this plant were imagined in female genital organ form, hence the Latin name of the genus “Clitoria”, from “clitoris”.

Blue Tea can contribute to improving mood, increasing energy and strengthening immunity. It may also promote productivity and, in itself, optimism.

Detox Tea Premium

Discover our Detox Tea Premium, an exclusive formula based on superior-quality natural ingredients developed by our company. This mixture is obtained by combining different medicinal plants that share the same properties: detoxifying, purifying and diuretic. This detox tea is composed of the following ingredients: Oolong (35%), Pu-Erh (20%), hibiscus, rose hips, blackberry leaves, dandelion root, orange peels, blue cornflower petals and the natural aroma of red fruits.


3 Detox Tips

In addition to taking detox teas, you must complement this practice with other practices that are also essential for achieving a healthy purification of the organism. Check out the list below for some tips that you should adopt in conjunction with detox teas:

1) Consume antioxidant and anti-inflammatory food. Use olive oil, and red and citrus fruits in your meals. You should also reinforce your diet with foods rich in omega-3, dark green vegetables, pepper, tomatoes, saffron, dark chocolate, pumpkin, avocado, garlic, dried fruits, and ginger. You should avoid the following foods: white sugar, processed condiments, canned foods, coffee, cereal bars and soft drinks;

2) Drink water all day – Prioritize the consumption of bottled mineral water with an alkaline PH, that is, water with a PH above 7.5. The more alkaline the water, the easier the blood purification will be. You can do this by consuming at least 1.5 L of detox tea daily;

3) Practice physical activities that you like to relieve daily stress. Dedicate time to yourself and bet on muscle relaxation through the practice of activities that promote your well-being.

Detoxifying teas have the main function of purifying the blood. This process takes place through the elimination of harmful toxins to normal body functioning. It should be noted that the intake of detox teas should be controlled and practised in a short time. Stay with us until the next article!

Chás do Mundo 

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