Lapacho - Pau D'arco bark (Handroanthus serratifolius)

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Lapacho | Taheebo | Handroanthus

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Lapacho tea or Pau D'arco bark

Ingredients: 100% Pau d'arco (Handroanthus serratifolius).

Other common names: ipê-roxo, lapacho, Taheebo, piúva, piúna, ipê-roxo-de-bola, ipe-una, ipê-of-mine or piúna-purple.

Indications therapeutic: Increases the level of globulos red and white and is used for people who go through processes of chemotherapy, in order to reduce the effects of bad being caused by the same. It is also used in cases of urinary tract infections and bronchitis.

In Portugal, the pau d'arco is consumed in teas, tablets, extracts, and is seen as a protector against cancer and for physical well-being. Powerful agent anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory. The pau d'arco is very rich in quinones, compounds benzénicos and flavonoids. In addition to these compounds, we can find essential oils (0,55%-1,50%) and alkaloids (tecomina).

Lapacho is used in the herbal medicine of several South and Central American indigenous peoples to treat a number of ailments including infection, fever and stomach complaints. The active ingredients such as lapachol have been found to possess significant abortifacient and reproductive toxicity effects for rats.

Taheebo is the common name for the inner bark of the Red or Purple Lapacho tree. This tree grows high in the Andes of the South American rainforest. The Red Lapacho's purple-coloured inner bark was one of the main medicines used by the Incas and has been used for over 1,000 years by the Kallawaya.

Lapacho is promoted as a treatment for a number of human ailments, including cancer. According to the American Cancer Society, "available evidence from well-designed, controlled studies does not support this substance as an effective treatment for cancer in humans", and using it risks harmful side-effects.

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Pau d'arco

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