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Lapacho (Pau D'Arco) Tea Bark

Ingredients: 100% Lapacho Tea Bark (Tabebuia Spp.).

Box: 10 Sachets x 1.5grs = 15grs

Aroma: Pleasant

Taste: Slightly, sweet.


Pau d'Arco or Lapacho is extracted directly from the Tabebuia peel, a common tree in tropical countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. For several years, Pau d'Arco has been part of the culture of the indigenous tribes, especially of the Incas. According to them, this plant promoted the treatment of intestinal problems, fever, and even snake bites. Pau d'Arco is a tropical plant of the Bignoniaceae family, adept at mountain soils. The indigenous people took advantage of the bark of this tree to make arches. Pau d'Arco was so cultural that it even served as a focus of inspiration for the Brazilian Poet called Patativa do Assaré.

In most cases, Lapacho Tea Bark is used for the treatment of anaemia, urinary tract infection, fungal infection and dysentery. Its contribution to combating anaemia is due to its purifying blood action that stimulates the production of red blood cells. By contributing to the healthy maintenance of blood flow, Pau D'Arco promotes the reinforcement of immunity. This effect may be verified when it takes Lapacho Tea Bark to treat flu symptoms or respiratory infections.

Lapacho Tea Bark may be applied to the treatment of the following cases: diabetes, tonsillitis, candidiasis, hypertension, leukaemia, gastric ulcer, prostate infection and insect chops.

Water temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 4 to 5 minutes.

Recommended quantity: we recommend one cup three to four times a day before meals.

Preparation: put a teabag in each cup of boiled water. Let it rest for 4 to 5 minutes, and you can consume it hot or cold.

Store in a cool (max. 20º) and dry (max. 60% humidity) place.

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