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Earl Grey | Bergamot

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Earl Grey Tea

Ingredients: Black Tea from Ceylon with natural scents of bergamot.

Citrus bergamia or orange-bergamot is a citrus fruit of small size, whose fruits have a shape slightly similar to that of a pear.

This species is almost limited to the coast of the province of Calabria, in Italy, in such a way that it is a symbol of the entire region.

Also cultivated in Argentina, in Brazil and in u.s. the state of Georgia. But, due to the clay, and lime deposits alleviates that are in the lands of the zone of the Italian Calabria, it is believed that no other part of the world produces the fruit of the same quality.

Its bark is used to produce an essence aromatic (or essential oil) that is used in the manufacturing of tea Earl Grey.

Properties of Bergamot: Native to tropical Asia, the bergamot is that is used to reduce stress, combat depression, anxiety or insomnia, combat various viruses, among which the cause of the flu.

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Chá Preto Earl Grey

Chá Preto Earl Grey é um clássico com o aroma suave da bergamota e a qualidade a que a vossa empresa já nos habituou.

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Um chá com sabor delicado. Entrega muito rápida. Obrigada.

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