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Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea

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Sri Lanka | Decaffeinated | Mild

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Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea

Enjoy the wonderful Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea with thermogenic and antioxidant properties for black tea lovers. Try it and tell us your experience!

Ingredients: 100% Decaffeinated Ceylon Black Tea in leaves.

Origin: Island of Sri Lanka (call before Ceylon).

Sub-category: Black Tea

Character: Medium

Colour: Brownish red

Taste: Mild and light.

Caffeine: 0%

Decaffeinated Ceylon undergoes a natural decaffeination process that results in the elimination of approximately 99% of the caffeine present in the original Ceylon. The most popular types of Ceylon Black Tea in the tea market are Ceylon OP1, Ceylon OP and Ceylon BOP.

Product Description: Black Tea – The tea is decaffeinated with the help of a CO2 process that is gentle to the aroma. The high pressure releases the caffeine from the slightly moistened tea leaves and is absorbed by the CO2. Ideal for black tea lovers looking for a decaffeinated alternative.

Water temperature: 90º to 100º

Infusion time: 3 to 5 minutes.

Preparation: place 15 to 18g of tea in a litre (1L) of previously boiled water in a container. Cover it, and let it rest for 3 to 5 minutes. Finally, strain and consume immediately, hot or cold. Ceylon's tea admirers recommend adding milk and a little natural sweetener (honey, stevia, among others).

Recommended quantity: 15 to 18g in a litre of water (1L).

Store in a dry (max. 20º) and cool (max. 60% humidity) place.


Decaffeinated Ceylon is rich in invigorating, antioxidant and digestive properties that can strongly help you in your physical and mental well-being throughout your day. The potential of this tea may contribute to increased concentration and thus influence the body's energy level in order to combat the feeling of fatigue. As for the invigorating property, Ceylon Decaffeinated can help you lose weight and improve blood circulation. In addition, this tea can be a great digestive and promote oral health. Decaffeinated Ceylon tea is an excellent natural option to drink at any time of the day, including at night, due to the total absence of caffeine.

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