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Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis)


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Yerba Mate Tea

Prepare a powerful Chimarrão with our Yerba Mate of superior quality and originally from Brazil! An excellent healthy and light option, full of essential nutrients for hot or cold days, with or without company.

Ingredients: 100% Yerba Mate (Ilex paraguariensis).

What is Yerba Mate?

Yerba Mate, Mate, or Ilex paraguariensis is a highly antioxidant herb rich in 190 active ingredients that promote normal body function. Probably one of the few plants that have almost 100% of the 24 vitamins and 16 essential minerals. This plant of South American origin is known for its stimulating potential and favouring weight loss. Yerba Mate can be consumed in different ways, either with hot or cold water. This versatile drink is one of the most consumed in Brazil during the hottest season, either in the form of Chimarrão or Tererê.

Chimarrão and Tererê are the best-known methods that use Yerba Mate as the main ingredient. Chimarrão is the result of the Yerba Mate Tea with hot water in a Cuia with the help of a Bombilha. The Tererê is the result of Yerba Mate Tea with cold water and ice cubes (optional ingredient) in a Cuia. Some add a few drops of lemon to both infusions. In the south of Brazil, the most used method is Chimarrão. Worldwide, this method is the most recommended because it favours the preservation of the nutrients present in the Yerba Mate.

The origin of Yerba Mate isn't definitive. It's known that this plant was forbidden for consumption in the XVII century by priests and that after the prohibition, the productivity of the natives diminished drastically.

How to prepare Yerba Mate Tea?

Yerba Mate Tea may contribute to weight loss, abdominal slimming, improved concentration, increased libido and reduced bad cholesterol. According to recent studies, a Mate can assist the digestive process, strengthen defences, and improve blood circulation. You should consume this tea from the morning (after waking up) until midday, about 30 minutes before. This is because this tea interferes with the body's energy. When taken too close to nighttime, it may affect your sleep and create an imbalance in the nervous system.

Water temperature: 100 °C

Preparation of Yerba Mate Tea

Hot Tea Suggestion – Boil water to the recommended temperature. Take the Cuia and fill it halfway with Erva Mate. Put your hand on top of the Cuia and shake it gently from the side. Then remove your hand and place the Bombilha in free space in the Cuia. Finally, add a little cold water and then fill the Cuia with hot water. Avoid stirring the mixture. To consume your Yerba Mate Tea, drink it through the Bombilha. It is important to avoid preparing this tea with water too hot because that promotes flavour bitter.

Store in a cool, dry place away from light.

Note: The image presented was made in our company, however, the type of cut and dimensions of the plant may vary from supply to supply or season of the year.

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Nada Mandelbaum

Muito saboroso este chá! Obrigada!

Francisco Cortez
A repetir

Entrega rápida e mto bem embalado. 5*

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