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Porcelain Mug "LOVE" - 500ml


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Romantic Mug “LOVE” - 500ml

Introducing our Romantic "LOVE" mug with a capacity of 500ml, designed for those who want to warm the hearts of their loved ones. This high quality mug is made from ceramic which allows it to withstand high temperatures. Thanks to its strong resistance, it can be used in the microwave and washed in the dishwasher with a neutral detergent. Ideal for preparing loose teas and sachets. The size and shape of this mug create an attractive and practical design that is also extremely functional.

This sophisticated mug is easy to use and clean. Brew your tea in our porcelain mug and let yourself be carried away on a journey filled with lots of love! Remember "Love is paid with love"...

Units: 1

Dimensions: 10.2 × 9.7 cm (H × W)

Capacity: 500ml

Print: The word "love" in multiple languages.

Type of accessory: Tea (cold or hot).

Fun Facts:

Porcelain – Porcelain is a type of high-strength raw material originating in China, obtained by joining raw materials with high purity content. The porcelain turns white after a second firing above 1200º. Generally, mugs made of porcelain are the ones most people buy. This handmade material allows the temperature of hot tea for much time. Porcelain guarantees resistance when used daily.

One of the possible origins of Valentine's Day:

Legend of Bishop Valentine – In the 3rd century, during the empire of Claudius II, a Catholic bishop named Valentine insisted on performing marriages during conflicts. This practice was reportedly forbidden by the emperor as a strategy to enhance the strength of younger men during their military journey. After this discovery, Valentine “was arrested and condemned to death”. Until the sentence was carried out, Bishop Valentine received letters from young men and women in love who said that they still “believed in love”. The history of this bishop was also marked by an unexpected passion for the “blind daughter of the jailer”. He was condemned on 14 February after writing “a farewell message” to his love, signed “Your Valentine”.

Source: Article “Dia de São Valentim: Uma Lenda Repleta de Tradição”, published by National Geographic on 13/02/2020.

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