Organic Sea Spaghetti Seaweed

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Iode Source | Himanthalia Elongata

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Organic Sea Spaghetti Seaweed

Ingredients: Organic Sea Spaghetti Seaweed (Himanthalia elongata).

It is one of the most appreciated algae in the West due to its nutritious richness, and for its mild taste and pleasing texture. These seaweeds are selected in the cleanest waters of the Atlantic ocean coast and dehydrated at low temperatures.

It may contain traces of crustaceans, or you may notice white spots on the algae - arising from seaweed's own salts that act as a natural preservative.

Suggested Use: Cut the seaweed, soak it during 30 minutes and use in salads or serve seasoned with chopped garlic, olive oil and parsley. It can also be cooked for 20-30 minutes in stews, sautéed, brown rice or in fillings. It can also be breaded and then watered with lemon juice.

Nutritional analysis (per 100g): Energy: 923 kJ / 222 Kcal Lipids: 1.4 g of which saturated fatty acids: 0.6 g Carbohydrates: 26.5 g of which sugars: <0.5 g Protein: 8.5 g Fiber: 34.6 g Salt: 1.72 g

Biological Certification Sativa PT-BIO-03

Store in a cool and dry place.

Origin: Spain

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