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Pack Mate Cabaça + Bombilha

Mate Cup and Bombilla Set


Yerba Mate | Energizer | Satiety


Mate Cup and Bombilla Set 

Material: stainless steel

Black color

Yerba Mate Tea is an excellent ally for people who have a healthy lifestyle. The vitamin-enriched power of Mate can promote your good mood, combining the possible advantages of improving your concentration and strengthening your body's immunity. You can use mate as a natural antibacterial elixir after brushing your teeth. The Mate Cup and Bombilla Set could be a good solution for people who want to lose weight. This is because mate tea can promote satiety. Although, it is not a weight loss solution.

It is recommended to drunk mate tea from the morning (after waking up) until midday, about 30 minutes before. This recommendation is because this tea interferes with your body's energy. When taken too close to nighttime, it can affect your sleep and cause insomnia.

Consumption of this tea can reduce cholesterol levels and prevent the onset of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, it can help improve your blood circulation. By exaggeratedly consuming mate tea, you may be contributing to the likely increase in developing insomnia or significant changes in the nervous system. If you have diabetes, you should inform yourself about the consumption of yerba mate in your routine. You must adopt a conscious posture to consume tea.

Infusion time: 5 minutes

Water temperature: 70º to 80º to avoid internal and external burns. Use a thermostat.

Recommended dosage: 3 cups of 330 ml daily for two months.

Preparation: Boil water at the recommended temperature. Using your set, add the amount of yerba mate you want with the support of the pump inside the cup. Cover the entry of the cup with your hand and turn the gourd upside down. After this action, shake it aside a few times. Uncover the cup and tack the bombilla in a space free of yerba mate. Then add a little cold and finally hot water. Do not stir the mate tea. You can consume it immediately through the bombilla.

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