Chapéu de Couro (Echinodorus macrophyllus)

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Cough | Inflammation | high blood pressure

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Chapéu de Couro - Miner Tea

Ingredients: 100% Chapéu-de-Couro leaves (Echinodorus macrophyllus).

The Chapéu-de-Couro, also known as MINER TEA or tea-of-the-campaign, grass-of-wetland and grass-swamp.

Properties: The Chapéu-de-Couro are mainly its anti-inflammatory action, astringent, depurative, diuretic, antiartrítica, energy and laxative.

In addition, the Chapéu-de-Couro offers numerous benefits serves for the treatment of inflammations of the throat and healing of wounds. It is also used in diseases such as arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism, problems of the stomach and kidneys, skin infections, high cholesterol, hypertension, and liver diseases.

It is suitable for aquariums and ornamental, and also medicinal use. The infusion tea leaf provides laxative. A survey has confirmed its effectiveness in cases of hypertension. It is also popularly used as a diuretic and antirheumatic against inflammation of skin and throat, rheumatism, arthritis and syphilis as a blood purifier and eliminator of uric acid. The plant produces a rhizome which a mass is extracted. This mass can be made sweet, like pumpkin. This candy is very good as blood cleanser [citation needed].

The plant is used in the production of Brazilian soft drinks Mineirinho and Mate.

Mode of preparation: 2 tablespoons for each litre of water boiled.

Recommended daily Dose: Consume up to 1 litre of tea during the day.

Warnings: should Not be consumed by pregnant women and infants. Excessive Use can cause disorders of the intestines.

Conservation mode: Store in a cool dry place.

For best results, we recommend the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

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