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Herbal Tea to Sleep Well

Discover the Herbal Tea to Sleep Well with 10 individual sachets rich in calming, relaxing and digestive properties that will put an end to sleepless nights. Enjoy this powerful natural solution, and don't let insomnia dominate your life!

Ingredients: 20% Hawthorn (Crataegus oxycantha L.), 20% Olive leaf (Olea europaea L.), 20% Passionflower (Passiflora inearnala L.), 20% Linden (Lime europaea L.), 15% Lemon verbena (Lippia citriodora) and 5% Valerian root (Valeriana officinalis L.).

Box: 10 Sachets x 1.5grs = 15grs


Linden - The Linden tree contains the following names: "tree of good", "tree of joy", and "tree of social bonds". After the French Revolution, multiple plantations of linden were made as a reflection of the freedom conquered by the French people. The collection of linden flowers and leaves is done year after year and gradually during its flowering period, which lasts for 10 days at the beginning of June. However, Linden may bloom at different periods depending on the weather conditions and the variety of the tree. Currently, there are about 46 species of Linden trees.

The average life expectancy of the Linden could be 150 years and could even reach 1000 years of age. In the Christian religion, Linden leaves represent the "Sacred Heart" of Jesus. Hence the strong presence of these trees around Christian churches. In addition to flowers and leaves, the wood extracted from Linden is used in the manufacture of some pieces for musical instruments.

The consumption of Linden tea is recommended for the treatment of flu, colds and catarrh. Due to its calming property, Linden can be an ally in the fight against nervousness and anxiety in hyperactive children, being easy to consume due to its pleasant taste. It may contribute to the relief of headaches, indigestion, indisposition, gastrointestinal cramps and insomnia. It can also help in the prevention of arteriosclerosis, cough and bronchitis. Linden is known to contain properties that make it a natural sedative, anxiolytic and antispasmodic.

Lemon verbena - during the Victorian Era (reign of Queen Victoria of England), the cultivation of Lemon verbena was done in English gardens to use it to create natural flavours and fragrances. As for its flavouring function believed that the Lemon verbena helped to purify the air inside the house. Some parts of this plant were used to scent the clothes. In addition, they were added to hot baths even as essential oils for the body.

Lemon verbena is known for its digestive and carminative properties that reduce the development of intestinal gas. It is considered a natural nervous system relaxant due to its action in relieving migraines, nervousness, agitation and insomnia. In addition, Lemon verbena is recommended as a digestive stimulant, even to aid in the relief of menstrual and gastrointestinal cramps. It can also contribute to strengthening the immune system and the weight loss process. Lemon verbena contains properties that may contribute to treating fever, blood pressure, urinary infections and bad breath.

Lemon verbena can also be used as an insect repellent, fresh drink flavouring and an extra ingredient in food seasoning.

Water temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 3 to 5 minutes.

Recommended quantity: 2 cups before each main meal and at bedtime.

Method of preparation: place a teabag for every cup of boiled water. Let it rest, and you can consume it immediately, hot or cold.

Store in a cool (max. 20º) and dry place (max. 60% humidity).

Warnings: the consumption of this tisane is not recommended for pregnant women or breastfeeding women.

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