Chawan Deep Blue - Ceramic Bowl for Matcha

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Cup Matcha Blue | Chawan Blue

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Chawan Deep Blue Bowl

Ceramic cup Deep Blue essential to the preparation of the tea is matcha.

Composition: 100% Ceramic japanese high quality.

Source: Made in Japan.

Dimensions: D13,5cm x A6,0cm

The tea ceremony, known as "chanoyu" in Japanese, is a pastime aesthetic peculiar to Japan that is characterized by serving and drinking "matcha". The practitioner of the tea ceremony need to have knowledge of the traditional arts, architecture, landscape gardening and floristry. Including the cultivation and varieties of tea, clothing, japanese (kimono), calligraphy, ceramics, label and incense. Thus, the study of tea ceremony practically never ends and requires of the performer a long time of preparation and study. The tea ceremony is a ritual that can take up to 4h.

Learn more about the tea ceremony:

See how to prepare Matcha:

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