Chasen - Bamboo whisk for Matcha Tea

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Chasen - Bamboo whisk for Matcha Tea

Material: 100% bamboo Japanese high quality

Manufactured in Japan.

Dimensions: D11cm x A7,5cm

How to use the Chasen?

Before using the first time, you should place the chasen in cold water for about 10 minutes to earn flexibility.

To stir the matcha with the chasen, please pay attention to your movement. This accessory is not a spoon, so that it should not be used in motion circular, but rather in movements "come and go" as if you were to draw the "W" in the cup.

After each use, you should pass the chasen by cold water and then dry it.

A java new have the ends curled and the filaments in the core are all together. With use, these filaments will be opening, and the tips curled up, and then disappear. ( The Japanese compare this process with the avertura of a flower). When the filament if they start to loosen, it is time to replace your chasen. The lifetime of this accessory depends on the use that you are given, especially with the force that you use.

The tea ceremony, known as "chanoyu" in Japanese, is a pastime aesthetic peculiar to Japan that is characterized by serving and drinking "matcha"

The practitioner of the tea ceremony need to have knowledge of the traditional arts, architecture, landscape gardening and floristry. Including the cultivation and varieties of tea, clothing, Japanese (kimono), calligraphy, ceramics, label and incense. Thus, the study of tea ceremony practically never ends and requires of the performer a long time of preparation and study.

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