Borututu Root (cochlospermum angolensis)

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Liverkind | Cochlospermum angolensis

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Borututu Root

Ingredients: 100% Borututu root (cochlospermum angolensis).

What is Borututu?

It is a root rich in highly detoxifying and purifying quinones, catechins, polyols and bioflavonoids.

Due to its richness in substances with physiological activity, it acts in a great part of our organism according to the lack of the cells, is still recognized in the treatment of diseases of the stomach, gall bladder, spleen and all the urinary apparatus.

As a purifier allows blood flow, fighting cholesterol and normalizing blood pressure. In external lavage, results are obtained in herpes, in sores and other affections. Because it is very diuretic, it eliminates fats and reduces weight.

Recommended for: liver problems, gall bladder problems, purify the blood, eliminate fats, lower cholesterol, kidney problems, gastroenteritis, bad after meals, etc.

Method of preparation: 1 tablespoon for 1 litre of water. Place the shell in the still cool water and let it boil. Turn off the stove and let it infuse about 3 minutes, plugged.

It is recommended to take 2 cups before each meal and at bedtime.

Curiosities: Borututu is a product obtained from an African plant, recognized for its preventive and curative properties. It has been used for centuries by traditional medicine.

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Raiz borututu

Excepcional nas suas propriedades. Recomendo a utilização para prevenção e tratamento do foro gástrico.

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