Borututu Tea Bark - 10 Sachets

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Borututu Tea Bark - 10 Sachets

Presented in a practical box of 10 Sachets.

Ingredients: 100% Borututu root (cochlospermum angolense).

What is the Borututu?

It is a root rich in quinonas, catechins, sugar alcohols, and biflavnóides is highly detoxifying and cleansing. Due to its richness of substances with physiological activity, it is in a great part of the body, as the deficiency of the cells, while also being recognized for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, liver, gall bladder, spleen, and the whole of the urinary tract.

How to contribute to allow the free flow of the blood, the fighting cholesterol levels, and normalize the blood pressure.

In the external cleaning to obtain the results in the hérpes in chagas ' disease and other medical conditions.

For about, it eliminates fat and reduces weight.

Recommended for: liver problems, gall bladder problems, purify the blood, eliminate fat, lower cholesterol, and problems with the kidneys, in the lab, worse after meals, etc.

Method of preparation: 1 sachet per cup and water just to a boil (200 ml). It is recommended to take 2 cups before each meal and at bedtime.

Fun facts: Borututu is a by-product obtained from a plant of the African, renowned for their preventive and curative properties.Used for centuries by traditional medicine.

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