Borututu Tea Bark - 10 Sachets


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Borututu Tea Bark - 10 Sachets

Borututu Tea is a powerful natural solution rich in detoxifying, diuretic, antioxidant and purifying properties. Borututu is the key to achieving your gastrointestinal, kidney and liver well-being. Try it and tell us your experience!

Ingredients: 100% Borututu root (Cochlospermum angolensis).

Origin: Angola

Box: 10 Sachets x 1.5grs = 15grs

Taste: particular, mildly bitter.


Borututu - originally from Africa, Borututu is strongly known for its action in the proper functioning of the stomach, liver, gallbladder, kidneys and bladder. Borututu root is an effective solution for detoxifying the body, making it a great ally in weight reduction. It is used to prevent gastroenteritis, jaundice, herpes, hepatitis, kidney stones, and colitis. This solution, reminiscent of African heat, is extracted from a plant scientifically called "Cochelospermum angolensis" from the Bixaceae family. The consumption of this tea can help to reduce the symptoms of gastric discomfort after meals, even as the effects of bad cholesterol and free radicals.

Its purifying action on the blood may contribute to the normalization of blood pressure, decrease body swelling and improve blood circulation. For several centuries, borututu was used as a natural solution as a preventive and curative method against various diseases that caused several deaths in the African people. Borututu root contains the following active ingredients: quinones, catechins, polyols and flavonoids.

Water temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 5 to 10 minutes.

Method of preparation: place a tea bag for every cup of boiled water. Let it rest, and you can consume it immediately, hot or cold.

Recommended quantity: 3 cups a day before each of the main meals.

Store in a dry (max. 20º) and cool (max. 60% humidity) place.

Warnings: Borututu tea should not be consumed by pregnant or breastfeeding women.

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