Tea for two: 14 ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day

This year, ditch the clichés and immerse your love story in a cup of something special. Forget generic gifts and predictable plans. This Valentine’s Day, prepare a truly special love story. So grab your favourite mug, snuggle up with your partner and let’s explore the world of romance with tea!


Get ready to:

  • Discover creative ideas for dates that go beyond the typical dinner and a cinema.
  • Unwrap unique gift suggestions to suit every tea lover’s taste.
  • Learn how to infuse your home with the warmth and aroma of a romantic tea experience.

Ready to embark on this delicious journey? Dive in and discover how to create a Valentine’s Day as warm, inviting and tasty as your favourite cup of tea!

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with tea!

Tea is more than just a drink; it’s an intimate ritual, a shared moment of quiet connection and a world of tasty possibilities. It’s not just a solo drink; it can also be a marvellous base for romantic experiences! Here are some ideas for preparing a memorable Valentine’s Day (or any other day) with your sweetheart:


Cosy activities at home with tea: 

1. Tea tasting for two: Organise a mini tasting with different teas, including unique flavours or origins. Light some candles, play some relaxing music and have fun discussing the aromas and flavours together.

2. Spa at home with treats: Prepare a hot bath with rose petals and add a few drops of essential oil, such as lavender. Sip soothing camomile tea while you pamper yourselves.

3. Tea and book nook: Create a cosy reading nook with comfy cushions and blankets. Choose a romantic novel or a collection of poetry, brew a cup of your favourite tea and enjoy reading together.

4. Culinary experience with tea: Get creative in the kitchen and make delicious treats with tea! Try making black tea biscuits, matcha brownies or rose-infused scones. Enjoy the process and savour your creations with a hot cup of tea.

5. Movie night with a touch of tea: Choose a romantic film, but forget the popcorn! Choose teas that match the theme or atmosphere of the film. For example, a light fruit tea for a romantic comedy or an aromatic chai for an action film.


Outdoor adventures with tea:

6. Romantic picnic with tea on the go: Prepare a basket of snacks and your favourite tea in a thermos. Take your partner to a botanical garden or your own backyard for a delicious afternoon tea.

7. Star gazing with tea: Find a secluded spot with a clear night sky, take a thermos full of hot tea, and lie down together. Drink your tea and marvel at the beauty of the starry night.

8. Hike for two: Choose a scenic trail and take a small rucksack with the essentials. Enjoy the walk, stop for a quiet tea break, and take in the breathtaking views.


Tea for two: 14 ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day


Creative experiences with tea:

9. Blindfolded tea tasting challenge: blindfold each other and take turns guessing different teas based on flavour and aroma. This adds a playful element and creates fun memories.

10. Do-it-yourself tea blending workshop: Take a class or create your own blend at home! Experiment with different ingredients such as herbs, spices and flowers to create a unique tea that represents your love story.


Special gifts for tea lovers:

11. LOVE Porcelain Mug: a romantic mug designed for those who want to warm their loved one’s heart.

12. Heart Tong Tea Infuser: a unique heart-shaped tea infuser with a practical tong system and made of stainless steel.

13. Box of Love romantic tin: designed to hold up to 100gr of tea, this tin preserves tea with elegance.

14. Creano Wooden Box: 12 Creano tea flowers delicately stored in an elegant wooden box.

Remember, the most important ingredient is your love and your presence! Choose activities that you both enjoy and personalise them to create a unique and memorable experience. Happy brewing!

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