The 7 best teas for detoxing after Christmas

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After the festive season, with lots of food, drink and sweets, it’s normal to feel tired and bloated. The continued consumption of sugars and fats, particularly present in typical seasonal food, is responsible for this discomfort.

To help eliminate these toxins and recover, a detox can be a solution.

Detox is the process of eliminating toxins and waste from our body in order to improve the functioning of our digestive and immune systems. The body naturally does this process on its own by eating a balanced diet, but it may need a boost at times like Christmas and New Year.

Drinking tea, especially certain teas, is one of the best ways to help the body with the detox process. Not only because they are rich in antioxidant and detoxifying properties, but also because they provide essential vitamins and minerals.


Here are the best teas for detoxing after Christmas:

Green tea

Green tea is rich in antioxidants that work to reduce the action of free radicals in order to prevent cell damage. As well as helping to alkalise the body, green tea improves mood and reduces anxiety. Thanks to its high antioxidant potential, green tea is one of the best teas for boosting energy, stimulating concentration, strengthening defences, improving blood circulation and stabilising blood pressure.


Yogi Tea Detox Feel Pure Bio

Yogi Tea Detox is the ideal infusion for a fresh start. In Ayurveda, dandelion is known for its stimulating and detoxifying effects. Here it is combined with liquorice and ginger to create a delicious blend of herbs and spices specially selected to boost the body’s detoxification.


Black tea

Black tea can help to reduce feelings of fatigue, lose weight, improve digestion and regulate metabolism. It is considered an excellent natural stimulant due to the strong presence of caffeine in its composition. It can help with weight loss, skin rejuvenation, immune strengthening and muscle stimulation.


Premium Detox Tea

Our Premium Detox Tea is an exclusive formula based on top quality ingredients developed by our company. This blend is obtained by combining different medicinal plants that share the same properties: detoxifying, purifying, slimming and diuretic. The base of this tea is Pu Erh, the consumption of which can help improve digestion, reduce cholesterol and act as an antioxidant.


Rooibos tea

Rooibos contains a high concentration of flavonoids which make it a powerful detox ingredient for those who want to lose weight. Post-workout, Rooibos tea is an excellent ally in recovering from damage caused by micro-injuries. It also helps to hydrate the body and strengthen its defences.


Creano Sweetness 3 Mints Bio Tea

Creano Sweetness 3 Mints Bio Tea is a blend of different herbs and spices combined with peppermint, spearmint, apple mint and liquorice root. Peppermint is an excellent natural purifier for the body and can also help reduce gastrointestinal gas and strengthen the body’s immunity.


Ginger tea

Ginger is an excellent digestive and anti-inflammatory agent. In addition, dehydrated ginger tea can help to resolve symptoms that make you feel unwell and prevent excessive fluid accumulation. By preventing fluid retention, you are simultaneously favouring the elimination of body fat. Combining these benefits, you’ll also contribute to weight loss.


It’s important to emphasise that detox tea is not a cure for any disease. Nor is it a substitute for a healthy, balanced diet. Rather, it complements our body’s natural mechanisms.

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