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Wood Box Creano with 12 Blooming Teas

The Experience

The Abloom Tea offers you an extraordinary experience! It's because inside each ball is an artistically integrated exotica flower. However, this ball reveals its secret when she is in a glass teapot with boiling water. It begins to open slowly and to the end of its teas frees an embedded flower, which is born rich, shaped and colours.

Almost everything in this tea is handmade. Only some master binderless reserve the right to unite the dried leaves of white tea in a spherical shape so that the knowledge of this rare art. And continuing the unique, rare and valuable character of the Abloom Tea across China.

The White Tea

Specifically, the Abloom Tea is derived from the white tea known as “Yin Zhen” also known as “Silver Needle”. The name “Silver Needle” is because this tea contains silver and shimmering hair on the tips of its leaves. Due to its velvety, mild and slightly unmistakable taste, the Abloom Tea is one of the best teas in the world. In preparation for this tea, only the younger, small, closed and aromatic leaves of the “Big White Tea Bush” grow naturally in China. Respect for the growing season of plants and the delicate harvest provide Abloom Tea with a high quantity of polyphenols.

Taste: Gently floral and sweet.

Caffeine: Yes

Origin: Fujian, China.

Water temperature: 100

Infusion time: 10 to 15 minutes.

Recommended quantity: 1 tea flower for 500 ml of water.

Method of preparation:

Step 1: Boil the water and place it immediately in one of our glass teapots. The recommendation is to use a teapot with a capacity of 500 ml or more.

Note: Unlike green tea, it's necessary to use hot water to ensure the opening of the Abloom Tea.

Step 2: After boiling water, place on the teapot and add a cup of tea. Do it right after the water is in the teapot to favour the opening moment of the tea flower.

Step 3: It is recommended that you wait around 2-3 minutes to watch the opening of the tea flower. With the same tea flower, it's possible to prepare up to three infusions, allowing three distinct flavour and colour intensities to be tested.

Store in a cool place (max. 20) and dry (max. 60% moisture).

The wood box consists of 12 Tea Flowers distributed among 6 Varieties with 2 units each:

(1) White Pearl (White Tea with Jasmin Flowers);

(2) Golden Solstice (White Tea with Marigold Flower);

(3) Silver Wedding (White Tea with a bow of Jasmin Flowers);

(4) Jewel Droplet (White Tea with Purple Rose and Jasmin Flowers);

(5) Queen of Gold (White Tea with Calendula and Peony Flowers);

(6) Enchanted Rose (White Tea with Yellow Rose and Osmanthus).

Enjoy and share with us your experience!

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