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Yellow Rose Buds Tea

Yellow Rose Buds Tea is a real temptation with incredible aroma and smooth taste. Immerse yourself in an aphrodisiac and calming bath full of beauty with its aromatic Yellow Rose Buds. Offer your skin a real luxury and share this experience!

Ingredients: 100% Yellow Rose Buds (Rosoideae).


Rose – According to scientific records, the first wild roses grew in Asian gardens over 4 000 years BC. Initially, roses were used to decorate interior spaces due to their refreshing and pleasant aroma. After a few years of planting, Westerners will have associated some symbolism with the rose, from attracting positive energy to freedom of spirit. The rose has always been one of the symbols of Western culture. Westerners are known for the scent of roses, not only because of their cosmetic products, but also because rose petals are a common ingredient in their culinary dishes. In addition, the rose has always been present in most cinematographic content through stories of love and union.

In the Middle Ages, the use of a rose on the ceiling of space conveyed to people that everything that was shared should remain in secrecy. Later, this idea was leveraged for the famous rose paintings made on classical monuments belonging to royalty. The French Empress Josephine was responsible for planting rose bushes in many parts of France. As the story goes, Napoleon's wife was fascinated by roses. Currently, this flower is still a portrait of French culture. In Christianism, the first rosaries were made with rose petals due to their connection to the Virgin Mary.

In botany, more than thirty thousand species of roses are registered.

Therapeutic properties – stress, tiredness, depression, acne, wounds and sore throats (conciliate with honey).

Other uses: Yellow rose buds are very popular for decorating various events, from birthday parties to weddings. Also, they are used inside ice cubes as a decorative element in cold drinks.

How to make Rose Oil?

Fill a container with rose buds and add whatever quantity of almond oil or coconut oil you deem necessary. Then carefully mix well and store it tightly closed for six weeks. After this, your rose oil will be ready to be used on the skin or in baths.

How to make a Rose Bath?

Prepare your bathtub, leaving it clean. Next, add a 50gr bag of rosebuds. Finally, you can have a bath with roses and enjoy the enchanting scent of this natural element. After bathing, your skin will be smooth, shiny, and fragrant.

Water temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 5 to 10 minutes.

Recommended quantity: 10 yellow rose buds per litter (1L) of boiled water. You can consume up to four cups a day outside main meals.

Preparation: Place 10 yellow rose buds in a litter (1L) of boiled water in a container. Then cover it and let it infuse for about 5 to 10 minutes. Finally, strain it, let it cool down a bit, and you can consume it immediately.

Store in a cool (max. 20º) and dry (max. 60% humidity) place.

NOTE: The image shown was made in our company, however, the type of cut and dimensions of the plant may vary from supply to supply or time of year.

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