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Tummy Shaped Tea

Try the Tummy Shaped Tea and get rid of the fat located in the abdominal region. An infusion created with natural plants and friends of those who want to get back in shape. Enjoy and tell us about your experience!

Ingredients: gorse flower (25%), green tea (20%), fragrant leaves (15%), rosemary leaves (15%), lemon verbena leaves (10%), asian centella plant (10%) and cinnamon bark (5%).

Box: 10 Sachets x 1.5grs = 15grs

Caffeine: Yes


Gorse - is a plant native to South America from the Fabaceae family. Gorse leaves when used in infusion may contribute to the treatment of respiratory inflammation, indigestion, fever, and mouth and throat infections. In Argentina, gorse is believed to be the ideal natural solution against sexual impotence in men and infertility in women. The presence of gorse in formulas for weight loss is common due to its purifying and diuretic properties.

Lemon verbena - in the Victorian Era (reign of Queen Victoria of England), lemon verbena was cultivated in English gardens to use it to create natural flavours and fragrances. As for its flavouring function, lemon verbena was believed to help purify the air inside homes. Some dried parts of this plant were used to perfume the clothes. In addition, they were added to hot baths even as essential oils for the body. Later, it was explored and taken to the European continent by Spaniards from South America.

Lemon verbena is known for its digestive and carminative properties that reduce the development of intestinal gas. It may contribute to the relaxation of the nervous and muscular system, even as to the relief of gastrointestinal or menstrual cramps. In addition, it can help in the slimming process and the reduction of cellulite. It can act as liver purifying food.

Green Tea Properties: one of the substances in green tea, called "theophylline", may help dilate the bronchi and breath in asthmatic people. Consumption of green tea can prevent the formation of gallbladder and kidney stones. In addition, it may have the action of normalizing thyroid function, regenerating the skin and preserving bone density. Also in the elimination of localized fats and the loss of weight.

Water temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 4 to 5 minutes.

Recommended quantity: 1 cup on an empty stomach before and at the end of the main meals.

Method of preparation: place a tea bag for every cup of boiled water. Let it rest, and you can consume it immediately, hot or cold.

Store in a cool (max. 20º) and dry place (max. 60% humidity).

Indications: to obtain a more effective result, it is recommended that you practice a healthy lifestyle.

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Miguel Gomes

Chá Barriga em Forma - 10 Saquetas

Mirian de Almeida

Só tenho que dezer muito obrigada em 8 dias já tenho a resposta positiva ,a minha barriga baixou.ja não tenho a barriga tão grande kkkkkkkkkkkk

Bom produto

Estou a gostar embora esteja no início mas gostei de tudo desde a encomenda rapidez de entrega boa informação facilidade em todo o processo


Para ja está a portar-se lindamente :)

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