Star Anise, pieces (Illicium verum)

Star Anise, pieces (Illicium verum)

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Gastritis | Digestive Problems | Flu

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Star Anise, pieces

Ingredients: 100% Star Anise in pieces (Illicium verum).

The star anise has a higher concentration of anetol in its chemical composition, thus being more effective for the purpose in the digestive problems various, being, in fact, united to the cure of the influenza, one of the specialties of this medicinal herb. The plant parts used are the fruits and seeds, and its leaves are rich in essential oils such as property.

Today this plant has been the target of economic interest and scientific, because of its use as a raw material in the manufacture of the antiviral drug, Tamiflu, used in the treatment of the flu, Avian and new influenza (H1N1).

Benefits of its use: Colds, cramps, gastritis, enterites, gas, spasms, gastrointestinal, coughs, bronchitis, as a calming effect and expectorant.

Tea of the anise-starry: Make infusion of one teaspoon of aniseed-starring added to a liter of water. Wait for a boil and turn off the fire soon after. Smother the mixture for ten minutes and drink. Remember that for best effect it is interesting that if you take two to three cups a day.

In cases of bad breath, it is also effective that if you suck the anise-starry. In addition to improving the health of the digestive system, assists in fighting this unpleasant evil.

Contra-indications: the excessive use may cause dizziness and nausea. Not advised to children, grávias and infants.

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