Pau de Cabinda Bark - 10 Sachets

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Yohimbe bark tea

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Pau de Cabinda Bark - 10 Sachets

This infusion is also konwn has Yohimbe bark tea and it's appropriate to be prepared has a natural herbal tea with functional properties.

Ingredients: 60% Pau de Cabinda (Chichualy de Cabinda), 35% Catuaba and 5% Star Anise.

Properties of the Pau de Cabinda:

It has aphrodisiac, stimulating and invigorating properties
Great for Men and Women with sexual appetite.
Combat impotence and frigidity problems.
Ideal for weakness and sexual asthenia.

Properties of Catuaba:

  • It stimulates sexual desire and increases libido in both men and women.
  • Stimulates blood flow to the genitals.
  • It can fortify and prolong the emotions.
  • It increases sexual arousal and intensifies it.

Recommended preparation: 1 sachet per cup of freshly boiled water (200ml). It is advisable to take 1 cup one hour before the desired effect. In cases of increased need or activity, the dose may be increased to 2 cups per day.

For a more effective result it is advised to take the tea for at least 120 days, the quantity to be made of 24 boxes = 240 sachets = 2 sachets x 120 days.

Contraindications: Because it is a stimulant, should not be consumed by pregnant women, infants and people under the age of 16, nor by people suffering from hypertension and heart problems.

Note: All our deliveries are confidential, since the orders do not have any external information or revelation about the internal contents of the boxes.

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