Damiana herbal tea - Turnera diffusa

Damiana Herbal Tea (Turnera diffusa)


Damiana | Turnera diffusa | Aphrodisiac

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Damiana Herbal Tea

In traditional medicine, Damiana is considered an aphrodisiac and 100% natural plant, ideal for the preparation of infusions.

Ingredients: 100% Plant Damiana (Turnera diffusa, sin. Turnera aphrodisiaca).

Taste: slightly bitter.

Caffeine: 0%

Damiana is a plant native to some subtropical countries in Central and South America, and even Africa. For hundreds of years, this plant has been used as a natural solution for treating bladder infections, even increasing female and male sexual potency.

Properties of Damiana: this can helps fight against sexual impotence and infertility. In the case of women, it can prevent vaginal frigidity by promoting natural lubrication and helping with hormonal stability in menopause. The consumption of Damiana tea should help you fight prostate infections and even control diarrhea. This plant can be used as a complementary natural solution to reduce headaches and stomachaches. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, this tea will possibly help you relieve muscle pain (rheumatic) and menstrual cramps. It can act as a natural tranquilizer against stress and anxiety.

Water temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 10 minutes

Recommended quantity: you should drink about 2 cups daily for 15 to 30 days.

Method of Preparation: Put two tablespoons of tea in half a liter of boiled water. Cover the container and let it rest for 10 minutes. In this way, you will be able to obtain two cups of intense tea. Finally, let it cool and consume it immediately.

Storage Method: Store in a cool, dry, and clean place.

Curiosities: Damiana is a small shrub that produces small, aromatic flowers. Traditionally, the leaves prepare for making Damiana tea. It is commonly used by natives of Central and South America due to its aphrodisiac effects. The Spanish missionaries are responsible for the first records that the Indians drank this natural solution with sugar to increase sexual potency. The Aztec Indians used it as a home remedy against sexual impotence. In the case of the Mayans, Damiana tea was considered a curative solution to sexual stimulation.

Currently, there are no scientific studies that prove its effectiveness in combating sexual impotence.

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Katja Teuschler

Damiana, Planta (Turnera diffusa)

Chá de Damiana

O Chá veio em conformidade com o pedido e recomendo para quem o desejar.

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