Grated Coconut


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Grated Coconut

Originally from Asia, coconut contains a high amount of protein, potassium, magnesium, sodium, vitamins A, B and C. As well as about 20 phenolic compounds that promote your physical and mental well-being.

Ingredients: 100% Grated Coconut.

Gluten: 0%

Color white

Aroma: Coconut

Origin: Unknown

Family: Arecaceae


Coconut - Originating from the "Tree of Well-Being", the coconut is reused in its entirety for various food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and decorative needs, among others. The word "Coco" was applied to this fruit in Malabar by the Portuguese discoverers during the sea travel from Europe to India commanded by the well-known Portuguese navigator, Vasco da Gama. This denomination will be directly related to the close appearance of coconut to Coke, a famous imaginary monster that tormented children's minds.

Coconut consumption will have expanded around the world through maritime migrations. Currently, some states in the Northeast of Brazil are considered the largest coconut producers, such as Bahia, Sergipe and Ceará. However, the medal for the 5th largest coconut producer goes to the state of Pernambuco, which produces three times more than the three states mentioned. Worldwide, around 63 million tons of coconut are harvested, spread over approximately 12 million hectares. Only Brazil is responsible for about 2.33 million tons.

The Amazonia is the largest coconut grove in the world with one million coconut trees capable of producing about 120 million coconuts annually. The coconut trees is a tropical tree that develops in hot and humid environments.

Coconut contains the following properties: antiviral, nutritional, anti-inflammatory, energetic, antibacterial, antioxidant, depurative and antimicrobial. Consumption of coconut shavings may contribute to the prevention of rheumatism and promote body hydration. In addition, it can help to strengthen the defences and improve intestinal flora. To combat satiety, chew some coconut shavings.

You can use coconut shavings to flavour any food, from drinks to dishes.

If you are a fan of adventures in the world of teas and you like coconut, try our wonderful infusion White Tea Rising Sun. Enjoy and tell us about your experience!

Store in a cool (max. 20º) and dry place (max. 60% humidity).

Note: Avoid excessive consumption of coconut shavings due to their caloric component.

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