Ginkgo Biloba Tea leaves

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Memory Loss | Concentration | Vertigo

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Ginkgo Biloba Tea leaves

Ingredients: 100% Ginkgo Biloba leaves.

Therapeutic Indications: Indicated in cases of memory loss, cerebral or peripheral ischemia and above all in difficulties of concentration. Helps to solve cases of vertigo and avoid stroke.

Method of preparation: 2 tablespoons of ginkgo biloba leaves per liter of water. Let the leaves boil for 5 minutes. Allow to cool covered. Take 3 cups a day (morning, afternoon, evening).

Contraindications: There are no known known contraindications.

For the brain to function properly, it must receive a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients through the blood. Any dysfunction that disrupts blood flow can have a profound effect on mental function. If this dysfunction occurs chronically for many years due to arteriosclerosis, the result is often loss of cognitive function and dementia, including memory lapses, loss of concentration, impaired intellectual ability, impaired vision, anxiety, loss of balance, and vertigo. Poor blood flow can also lead to headaches, depression, confusion and in the most severe case, stroke (stroke).

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Muito bom

Adorei este chá!!!! Sabor inconfundível e envio rápido

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Numa altura em que o trabalho era excessivo e a concentração se tornou muito importante recorri a este produto com resultados muito agradáveis. Continuo a usar.

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