Dried Dates with stone

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Iron | Minerals | Calcium | Potassium

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Dried Dates with stone

Ingredients: 100% Dried dates with seed, glucose syrup and the preservative E202.

The date is very nutritious because it contains protein, sugar, mineral salts and vitamins, especially vitamin C, which in this fruit is between 50 to 100 times more than in bananas, 8 to 17 times more than in oranges, 75 to 150 times more than in the pears, and 50 times more than in the apple.

Properties: Source of iron, minerals, calcium, potassium,and vitamins A, B,C. Recommended for people who suffer from anemia moderate.

They are also a excellent substitute for sugar in many desserts.

Suggestions for use: Can be consumed as a snack, add to porridge, muesli and salads or use in desserts and cakes.

This fruit is also known for its effects of tranquilizing and relaxing. Stimulating the appetite. The dates are excellent allies against the flu, colds and infections of the respiratory system and urinary.

Excellent source of potassium, the consumption of dates before physical activity, helps to prevent injuries.

Eat 1 or 2 dates before you sleep and helps prevent insomnia.

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