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Black Tea Darjeeling - FTGFOP I

Black tea harvested in the 1st and picks up between the months of March-May is one of the most famous plantations of Darjeeling.

Its smooth taste and delicious aroma make it the perfect balance on the palate, with absolute quality.

Fun fact: what it means to "Darjeeling FTGFOP 1 - BADAMTAM"

Darjeeling - a demarcated area where the tea is grown, harvested and prepared

FTGFOP "Fine Tippy Golden Broken Orange Pekoe" - the lovers of tea, there's a joke to say that the symbol FTGFOP means "Far Too Good For Ordinary People' (too good to be true, for the common people). In fact, the symbol means that the tea is only produced in the best plantations, and use only the very best leaves for making this tea. The number 1 means that you are only choosing the best of the best leaves for this tea

BADAMTAM IS the name of the view (the fifth) where is the tea party.

The properties of the Black Tea: a decrease in the sensation of fatigue, which helps in the reduction of weight, reduce the risk of tooth decay and aids in the digestive process.

Water temperature: 100°

Infusion time: 2 - 4 minutes.

Recommended dosage: 1 "tablespoon" per person. Approx. 2grs / coffee.

*Prices are indicative and may vary depending on your personal taste.

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Chá preto dajeerling FTGFOP

Bom chá, não tão intenso ou amargo como outros cha pretos, mais parecido com um oolong, muito aromático.

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