Cinnamon Ceylon powder

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Cinnamomum verum zeylanicum

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Cinnamon Ceylon Powder

Ingredients: 100% Cinnamon Ceylon powder (Cinnamomum zeylanicum verum).

Cinnamon-cinnamon, besides the difficulty of being found in conventional markets, when found, its price is relatively higher than other species of cinnamon. However, it is associated with potential health benefits, involving the regulation of blood sugar. However, both species belong to the same family of plants (Lauraceae, the laurel family) and also the same genus (Cinnamomum). But the fact is that true cinnamon and cassia do not have the same content as coumarin.

Coumarins occur naturally in these plants and have intense anticoagulant properties. While the levels of coumarin present in true cinnamon are low, the levels present in cassia appear to be much higher and this may constitute a health risk when consumed in quantities regularly. For this reason, organizations such as the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment in Berlin, Germany, have recommended that the consumption of large amounts of Cinnamomum cassia should be avoided.

Unfortunately, the powdered shins in supermarkets have no way of identifying whether cinnamon is Ceylon cinnamon or Cassia.

If you wish to acquire Canela do Ceilão exclusively, you should only opt for our product, which is duly certified and of controlled origin.

Origin: Indonesia

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