Cat’s Claw herbal tea - Uncaria tomentosa

Cat’s Claw bark (Uncaria tomentosa)

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Uterus | Myomas | Urinary infections


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Cat's Claw Herbal Tea

Ingredients: 100% Cat's claw bark (Uncaria tomentosa).

Origin: Peru

Cat's claw (Uncaria tomentosa) is a very popular medicinal plant in Peru. It is a climbing bush that grows usually supported on a tree, with composite, opposite and oval leaves. Its popular name was inspired by the similarity of its thorns with the cat's nails (in the United States it is known as Cat's claw). It is known that the Incas were the first to take advantage of their active principles and, by passing on their knowledge to the Indians, they left a medicinal wealth used to treat diseases such as arthritis, gastritis, rheumatism and inflammation in general.

INDICATIONS: Cat's Claw tea and Uxi Amarelo are used in the treatment of fibroids, polycystic ovaries, urinary infections. In specific cases of treatment for fibroids they have proven extremely effective.

HOW TO PREPARE: Put 1 tablespoon of yellow uxi to half a liter of water, take to the fire and boil for 10 minutes. Drink in the morning. Put 1 tablespoon of cat's claw to half a liter of water, take to the fire and boil for 10 minutes. Drink in the afternoon.

HOW TO DRINK: Drink half a liter of yellow uxi in the morning and half a liter of cat's claw in the afternoon.

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Happy with my choice

This was my second order from Chás do Mundo. The product is first quality. They shipped quickly. Very good customer service. I\'m very happy with my choice. Thank you.

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Muito Bom!

Comprei os chás unha de gato e uxi amarelo para tratamento uterino. Iniciei dia 23/07.\r\nO único senão é a quantidade que poderia ser de 100g cada pacotinho\r\nNo mais, entrega célere e embalagem excelente!

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