Blessed Thistle (cnicus benedictus)

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Blessed Thistle

Ingredients: 100% Cardo Santo plant (Cnicus benedictus L.).

The cardosanto was already considered a remedy for almost all diseases, including the plague in the Middle Ages, but the modern research chemical-pharmaceutical revealed its real applications.

Traditional uses: For possess a bitter principle, the clinician, stimulates the glands that secrete the digestive juices in the stomach and small intestine. They also contribute to the functions of the liver and pancreas. This property focus is enhanced by the presence of mucilage and tannin in all the aerial part of the plant.

Mode of Preparation: Use a teaspoon as a measure for 1 cup of tea. Allow infusing 5 to 10 minutes.

Recommended Daily Dose: 1 cup at lunch and 1 cup at dinner.

Caution: when Consumed in excess (very high doses) can cause vomiting or diarrhoea. Pregnant women and infants should not consume cardo santo.

Conservation mode: store in a cool place, and dry.

For best results, we recommend the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

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