Blackberry leaves - Amora Miura (Morus Nigra L.)

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Blackberry leaves | Amora Miura | Morus Nigra

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Blackberry leaves - Amora Miura

Ingredients: 100% Blackberry leaves (Morus Nigra L.).
Properties: Amora Miura tea is widely used to improve the function of the kidneys and liver, as well as help lower blood pressure, glycemic rate, fight obesity and help with hormone replacement. It is still very rich in proteins and minerals, it also helps to regulate the intestine, has a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect, and prevents osteoporosis. This tea is well known for its large amount of nutrients, since it has 22 times more calcium than milk, in addition to potassium, magnesium, natural iron, protein, fibre, zinc and yeast. Blackberry leaves tea helps decrease fluid retention, reducing body swelling without the bitter taste of other weight loss teas. Fruit-flavoured, it is an excellent regulator of the gut, helping to decrease the absorption of fats. Rich in vitamin C, it helps fight high cholesterol, and contributes, thanks to its antioxidant properties, to the beauty of the skin and the hair. It is still effective in the decomposition of thin sugar, preventing obesity.
Blackberry leaves have no contraindications and can be taken by any patient.
To aid in weight loss, the mulberry syrup should be administered along with a healthy diet and monitoring of a diet, thereby achieving faster results.
Water temperature: 100º
Infusion time: 2 - 4 minutes (should remain covered)
Recommended amount: 1 teaspoon per cup (approx 2grs) or 3 tablespoons per 1.5 litres (between 10 to 15grs).

Recommended Daily Consumption: 1.5 Liters

Indicative values ​​may vary according to personal taste.
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