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Tea Water Thermometer


Practical | Simple | Wood


Tea Water Thermometer for Brewing Tea

Made in Glass into a Wood box

Discover our Tea Water Thermometer protected in an attractive wooden box, practical and easy to use by hand. Precisely control the temperature of your teas, infusions and tisanes, without complications. With this magnificent accessory, you will be able to safely reach the splendour of each formula. Offer it as a gift to someone in love with this universe. For those who love green tea, this water thermometer can help you achieve a high-quality tea. Simply, an indispensable accessory when preparing your wonderful tea. Try it out and tell us what you liked most about it!

Currently, it is increasingly important to value the small moments and for that, it is necessary to dedicate some time. The same happens when you dedicate your time to preparing a cup of tea, just for your physical and mental well-being. Each type of tea takes its specific time and method of preparation. Our Tea Water Thermometer comes to make this task easier. A simple, practical ritual full of good energies, beneficial to relieve mental agitation and connection with yourself.

In addition to needing to be aware of the temperature, do not forget the recommended infusion time.

Product type: Tea accessory, tea thermometer made of high-temperature resistant crystal inserted in a wooden box.

Manufacturer: German

Quantity: 1 piece

Temperature: 0 °C to 100 °C. Readable quick measurement for 1 °C unit.

Flavoured: No

Dimension: 17 cm x 2.5 cm x 2 cm

Temperature for Green Tea: 60 to 80 °C

Temperature for Fruit Tea and Herbal Tea: 100 °C


In China, there are three fundamental principles for preparing quality teas: the teapot, the water, and the temperature. Demonstrated through the well-known Chinese expression “the teapot is the father of tea, water is the mother and coal is her best friend”. When choosing water, it is preferable to choose water from mountains with a neutral or slightly acidic pH.

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