Tea for Arthritis, Arthrosis and Rheumatism

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Arthritis | Arthrosis | Pain of Bones

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Tea for Arthritis, Arthrosis and Rheumatism

Formula 100% Natural with herbs and leaves that aid in the reduction of symptoms of arthritis, arthrosis, rheumatism and other problems of the bones.

Ingredients: white Willow, Ash-tree, Oregano, Rosemary, Avoadinha and Loureiro.

Mode of preparation: Put 2 tablespoons in 1 litre of boiled water and let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. Should remain covered during the infusion.

Recommended Daily Dose: 3 cups per day at any time

Traditional uses of Plants Used:

White willow bark: has been used since ancient times for the relief of pain caused by inflammatory diseases such as Osteoarthritis and Tendonitis. This plant contains salicina. Active substance responsible for the pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects.

Ash: For its anti-inflammatory action, since the medieval times that ash has been used to combat the symptoms of diseases of the bones and elimination of Uric acid.

Oregano: Acknowledged in folk medicine for retardarem the ageing process and prevent problems in the joints.

Rosemary: The carnosic acid and carnosol, present in this plant, were able to inhibit the enzyme responsible for the emergence of pain and inflammation in the bones.

Avoadinha: its active principles, makes this a plant with excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Laurel: Plant rich in essential oils that are used since centuries for curing diseases of the bones and torcicolos.

Conservation mode: store in cool place, and dry.

For best results, we recommend the adoption of a healthy lifestyle.

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