Peppermint tea - Mentha x piperita

Peppermint leaf (Mentha x piperita L.)


Peppermint | Mint

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Peppermint tea

Ingredients: 100% Peppermint leaves (Mentha x piperita).

The peppermint is used commonly as a nasal decongestant, and flu, vermífuga, digestive disorders, and pain. That is used as a spice in cooking as well as herbal tea using the leaves of the plant.

This is a traditional medicinal herb and it acts on the weakness of the stomach, cramps, and vomiting. The leaves of mint and black pepper in a tea (infusion) are used against insomnia and nervous excitation. The stems are crushed, they are effective against the bites of the insects. The fresh leaves in an infusion to facilitate digestion, making it is a tonic and stimulant, and the stomach. It acts on the nerves as a sedative, a cure for the aches and pains of the teeth, a drop of peppermint on cotton on the carrier), avoiding cold feet (leaving a few leaves of mint between your feet and the socks). Returns the strength of all of the agencies, to benefit the nerves, the heart, the gastrointestinal tract (anti-nausea, fatigue, gas, ulcers), liver, and pancreas. It is good for the respiratory system (cough, asthma, bronchitis), and serves on the infectious diseases such as anti-bacterial, antiseptic, it is based, and to chew it to cure aches and pains in the gums and the teeth.

Water temperature: 100°

Infusion time: 3 to 5 minutes.

The amount of the set-up: 1 tbsp per Gallon.

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