Organic Chai Latte Mumbai - 250grs

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Chai Latte | Tin 250grs

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Organic Chai Latte Mumbai

This is a high quality Marc & Kay brand produced and blended in Germany.

With this delicious chai latte we take care of mixing the indian spices thanks to the cooperation with the specialists in tea from India and where we can say that we have managed to incorporate all the original process up to the point of serving.

Enjoy this seductive creamy base with black tea, milk and exotic spices.

Ingredients: Organic sugar cane*, Organic skimmed milk powder*, Organic sweet whey*, Organic black tea extract*, Organic spices*, salt and natural aroma.

Certification: AT-BIO-301

Preparation mode: Add 2-3 spoons of tea into 200ml of boiling water, mix vigorously and you will be ready to drink. If you want a CHAi even more intense and creamy substitute the water for milk.

Weight: 250grs

Origin: Germany

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