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Garcínia Cambogia Herbal Tea

Ingredients: 100% Garcínia fruits (Garcinia cambogia L.)

Traditional uses: the Reducer of appetite. Regulates the body by decreasing the anxiety to eat. Weight loss.

Mode of preparation: Put the fruits in cold water and bring to heat until boiling.

Infusion time: 3 to 5 minutes after bringing to the boil (leave covered)

Dosage for 1 litre of water: 3 to 5 fruits

Recommended Daily Dose: 3 cups per day in the interval of meals

With the scientific name Garcínia cambojia, the plant garcínia can be popularly known in some regions as tamarind, tree oil, goraka, citrus fruit and malabar. As the name indicates, it is native to Cambodia and for many years was used by the natives of that region as a flavouring agent and to preserve foods. It is a tree considered to be small, with fruits that resemble small pumpkins. From the 90s to the present day, the garcínia went on to gain prominence for being marketed as reducing appetite and powerful fat reducing. Check out the medicinal properties contained in the garcínia and how she actually acts in the body.

The main properties of the plant garcínia are anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antioxidant, blocking fat, reduction of appetite and loss of weight.

So that you can better understand, the garcínia is rich in hydroxy citric acid (AHC), a substance essential for promoting weight loss in the human organism, and which acts in the following way:

It forms glycogen, a kind of sugar found in the blood and in the muscles, and the glycogen that the calories that were prevented from being stored as fat.

The calories ingested by the body would be stored as fat; however, the AHC joins the enzymes important for this to occur, blocks this process by inhibiting the storage of fat.

Still, the AHC increases the rates of glycogen, responsible for informing the brain that the body is already satiated. Another important point made by the AHC to reduce the appetite is the emission of serotonin, a substance responsible for the feeling of well being and also for the reduction of appetite.

Warnings: should Not be used by pregnant women and infants. The excessive use to cause bad to be at the level of gastric or intestinal.

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