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China Tea Brick - 1100grs


Brick | Black Tea | Original


China Tea Brick - 1100grs

Tea bricks are perhaps one of the most unusual forms of processed tea in the world and these bricks make a fantastic tactile gift and are a great visually striking conversation starter.

Ingredients: 100% Origin pressed Black Tea.

Water Temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 2-3 minutes.

Dosage: 15grs per litre.

Growing altitude: 800-900 meters

Growing area: Hubei, Xiang Feng

Harvest period: 04-09

Leaf: Brownish-black, broken pressed, brick-shaped

Cup: Red-orange, cloudy

Caffeine: Medium

Antioxidant Content: Medium

Specials: At the time of the emperors of the early dynasties, tea was an official currency for levies and taxes. Tea was first pressed into bricks. This brought advantages in terms of exact calculation, storage and transport. Today the tea bricks are used for decoration.

The origin of the brick is rooted in the ancient spice trading routes of the 9th century. Traders moved everything they had by camel or horseback, so all goods had to be designed to take up as little space as possible. Tea producers wishing to export their product devised a way of compacting processed tea leaves by mixing them with stalk and tea dust and then pressing it tightly into forms and drying them in the sun. Before the Russian invasion of Tibet before II World War, it was reported that in preparation for the conquest, the invaders bought up all of the available tea bricks. They felt that by controlling the tea supply, they would be able to also control the people who relied heavily on it.

Although tea bricks are less commonly produced in modern times, many post-fermented teas, such as Pu-Erh, are still commonly found in bricks, discs, and other pressed forms. Tea bricks can be made into beverages or eaten as food and were also used in the past as a form of currency. Due to their density and toughness tea bricks were consumed after they were broken into small pieces and boiled while traditionally in Tang Dynasty, they were consumed after they have been ground to a fine powder. Most people nowadays like tea bricks simply for their humble aesthetic display qualities.

Storage Instructions: ‎Store in a dry cool place away from heat, light and strong odours, please visit our website for storage recommendations.

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