Yogi Tea Christmas Organic - 17 Bags

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Yogi Tea Christmas Organic - 17 Bags

*Limited Edition

"Christmas is a time for gratitude and giving. We also want to do something good at this time of the year. For many years now, we have been supporting the non-profit Nevandra Association, which provides children in India with an education and a roof over their heads with the motto 'Education - The Key For A Bright Future'. This project is particularly close to our hearts, since YOGI TEA® has its roots in India and many of our ingredients are grown there. (www.nevandra.ch)." YOGI TEA®

The tea for everyone who wants to say 'thank you'.

One of its main ingredients:

Honeybush - It can already be recognized from a distance because of its bright yellow, sweetly fragrant papilionaceous flowers: the honeybush. It only thrives in two of South Africa's provinces, where it is harvested wild from mountainsides, peaks or high-elevation rock formations. As its name already reveals, the sweet-mild taste is reminiscent of honey.

Ingredients: Rooibos, cinnamon, liquorice, coriander, honeybush, orange peel, cloves, black pepper, anise, dried lemon juice, star anise, cardamom, roasted chicory, lime, orange oil, cinnamon oil.

*Certified organic

Brewing Suggestions:

Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water (100º) over the tea bag. Allow to infuse for 5 to 7 minutes, or longer for a stronger flavour. 

Yoga exercise to improve wellbeing:

Sit with your legs crossed, spine straight and stretch your arms out in front, parallel to the ground, palms towards each other with 15cms gap. As you breathe in, open your arms outwards, then bring them back together as you breathe out. Continue for 3 minutes and increase the speed of the movement. Then take a deep breath, hold it briefly, breathe out and relax. Enjoy your newly won peace of mind.

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