Yogi Tea Christmas Organic - 17 Sachets

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Yogi Tea | Limited Edition

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Yogi Tea Christmas - Limited Edition

Each box contains 17 individual Packets with 2.1g each. Ingredients of organic production.

Ingredients: Rooibos*, cinnamon*, liquorice*, coriander*, honeybush*, orange peel*, cloves*, black pepper*, anise*, dried lemon juice*, star anise*, cardamom*, roasted chicory*, lime*, orange oil*, cinnamon oil*.

A warming and delicious Christmas season with honeybush, cinnamon and star anise. Christmas season is when you pause and look back on the year in gratitude. In order to share some of this gratitude with others, YOGI TEA® supports the non-profit Kumari Project, which helps and empowers orphaned children in Nepal. With much heart and soul, it provides them a caring home, thoughtful education and the door to a brighter future. This project is of special importance to us, as YOGI TEA® has personal ties to the Kumari team.

Information Ayurvedic:

Vata - Reduced

Kapha - Neuto

Pitta - High
Note: The "phrases inspirational" included into each sachet of this tea are written in German.
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