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Oriental Garden Tea Tin - 100grs

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Tea Tin | Floral | Gourmet

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Square Tea Tin – 100 grs

Get your Oriental Garden Tea Tin made to store 100 grams of tea. Serve yourself with the right dose and reserve your tea in this accessory tea. A practical tea storage solution that takes up little space. Even birds did not resist this natural temptation!

Capacity: approx. 100 grams (depending on the type of tea).

Dimensions: 7.5 × 7.5 × 9.5 cm


Oriental Garden – The oriental gardens are composed of natural elements that connect spirituality, meditation, harmony, and serenity. In Japan, these universes are recognized by the ornamental cherry trees called Sakura, filled with light pink and white flowers. These spaces with high tourist demand are associated with their vitality and balance. These ornamental gardens promote our acceptance of life and everything that comes from it. However, to understand our life path, we need to absorb the meaning of each natural element, filtering its energetic potential. According to Shintoism, the oldest Japanese religion, human beings belong to nature and must promote harmony between the remaining elements.

Oriental gardens are composed of specific natural elements. The first element is the water that makes up streams, lakes, and waterfalls. Generally, this natural element is surrounded by stones in an odd number of different sizes, shapes, and colours. In addition to reflecting our body and spirit, water is associated with the life cycle from birth to death. Sometimes there are Koi fish and stone paths in the water that mean life's challenges that lead us to paddle against the current. Other elements are the Taiko Bashi bridges and the lanterns. Bridges serve as a link between the mortal and spiritual universes. The lanterns have the function of illuminating our path, opening and clearing our minds to knowledge. The best-known of the lanterns is the Tooro.

The great holders of the beauty and exclusivity of oriental gardens are the plants. Sakura cherry trees, Ume plum trees, lotus flowers, pine Japanese and trees of happiness are often used.

Feel this spiritual universe through our Green Tea Japan Sakura!

Suggestions of Japanese Gardens in the World:

1) 'Japanese Tea Garden' in San Francisco, California, United States of America;

2) 'Japanese Tuin' in Hasselt, Belgium;

3) 'Ju Raku En Japanese Garden' in Toowoomba, Australia.

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