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Orange and Ginger Herbal Tea

This tisane is a blend with excellent digestive and detoxifying properties, making it desirable at any time of day for its comforting flavour.

Ingredients: Ginger pieces (35%), orange peels (19%), apple pieces, lemongrass, hibiscus flowers, licorice root, safflower petals, green cardamom and natural flavors of orange and ginger.


+ Flavor

+ Aroma

+ Intensity

Some curiosities:

Orange Peel – According to historical accounts, the first orange trees appeared in India over 7000 years ago. It must have been in the 10th century that the first orange trees were produced for medicinal purposes in China. You can use orange peels in the garden as a repellent against slugs.

Orange peels are an exceptional natural antioxidant, rich in essential vitamins for strengthening the body's immunity. The consumption of orange peels can contribute to the weight loss process through its beneficial action in controlling appetite, even as eliminating toxins. In addition, they can help fight abdominal swelling thanks to the strong presence of potassium in their composition. It can promote the reduction of free radicals, delaying the premature ageing of the skin. They can be an option for improving blood circulation and the appearance of varicose veins on the skin.

Ginger – With more than 5000 years of existence, ginger is produced on a large scale in countries with tropical or subtropical climates such as India, China, Indonesia, and Fiji. This herbaceous plant grows easily in fertile, water-rich soils. Ginger was once considered one of the most expensive commodities. In such a way, only one kilo of this product had the same monetary value as a sheep.

Ginger is often used to treat inflammation and infections. Its use can help fight indisposition, throat irritation, heartburn, hypertension, reflux, breath, menstrual cramps, and loss of appetite. In addition, it may contribute as an auxiliary complement in the treatment of gastritis, gastric ulcers, or asthmatic bronchitis. It can also promote the relief of muscle pain and body nutrition.

Water temperature: 100º

Infusion time: 3 to 5 minutes.

Recommended quantity: one teaspoon per person. Approximately 2grs/cup.

Suggestion on how to prepare your cold tea: add 2 tablespoons to 1.5L of boiled water and place in the fridge. If you want to add sugar or sweetener to your fresh tisane, you should do so while it is hot. A good natural option for sweetening is stevia. Just 1 dessert spoon. Preferably, do it before reaching the 3 minutes of infusion so that your tisane doesn't get too sweet. This is how you get a wonderful ICE TEA without any added sugars or artificial additives.

NOTE: The image shown was made in our company, so it reflects 100% of the mixture you will receive at your home.

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Customer Reviews

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Silvia Castanheira

Sabor muito agradável.

Cristina Valente

Tisana Laranja e Gengibre

Paula Morão

Tisana Laranja e Gengibre

Ana Ferreira

Tisana Laranja e Gengibre

Tisana Laranja E Gengibre

Sabor cítrico e suave. Recomendo.

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